Expand Portable Lightbox - 115.75"W x 94.5"H

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A light box that is easy to bring with you and set up

With this portable LED light box, your message and brand can stand out at any trade show or event – both large and small. This backlit backwall comes with two feet and is designed to be placed on floors. You set it up and take it down without tools - then pack it in the nylon bag and put it in your car. It offers an easy pillow case graphic installation option- when you would like to update your print, simply remove the graphic from the frame and add a new one. Available in nine different sizes, from 31" x 31" up to 115 3/4" x 94 1/2".

    • Illuminated with LED (60.000 hours, CE/UL certified)
    • Portable and easy set up – no tools needed
    • Choose single or double-sided fabric print
    • Reusable - just update graphics
    • Available in 9 different sizes
    • Comes in a bag or choose our multi-functional shipping case the Expand PodiumCase

        Weight incl. nylon bag
        31 1/2"x 94 1/2" - 39.6 lbs.
        63" x94 1/2" - 46.2 lbs.
        94 1/2"x94 1/2" - 54 lbs.

        115 3/4"x94 1/2" - 68 lbs.

        Nylon bag dimension:
        37.3/8" x 14 1/8"x 14 1/8"

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        Most recent templates provided by Zilla upon order.  

        To get the templates in advance, please contact us here.

        Expand Portable Lightbox - 115.75"W x 94.5"H