Ellipse Foundry Showcase

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As pictured, Includes Graphics and Shipping Case.

Overall Size: 41.5"w x 40"h x 23.25"d

Panels: 23"w x 26.5"h

Weight: 69 lb

Note: We cut approximately a 3" corner notch from the top right of every back panel. This allows the back panel to be removed without completely taking apart the counter.

Shipping Info:

In Box: 47" x 5" x 26" @ 76 lb

In Case: 50.375" x 27.125" x 11" @ 109 lb



    Turnaround Time:

    3-5 business days

    Most recent templates provided by Zilla upon order.  

    To get the templates in advance, please contact us here.

      Ellipse Foundry Showcase