Zilla FIRE. 8' Backlit Display, Single-sided

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The Zilla FIRE. LED Inline lightboxes combine exceptionally bright LED lights, durable aluminum frame (Lifetime Warranty), and the best quality push-fit SEG graphics. The LED lights are attached to the frame which makes assembly easy and packaging a snap. This is The BEST Lightbox Display!

  • Lifetime Warranty on Hardware
  • LED Lights recessed into frame for protection
  • (1) Premium Quality Silicone Edge Fabric Graphic
  • (1) Rear SEG Reflective Fabric (on single-sided)
  • (1) Foam-lined Shipping Case
  • SEG Graphics may be easily changed out. 
  • Durable, Lightweight Engineered Aluminum
  • Power Port on the side of the frame, rather than bottom.
  • Easy Modular Assembly
  • Integrated Cord Management

Size: 94"h x 94"w

Weight: 86 lbs

Case Dimensions

Outside - 28"w x 52"h x 12-16"d
Inside - 24"w x 48" h x 9-12"d

Weight - 32 lbs

LED Lights
Strips of 3 - 5 LED lights 
Wattage: 3W each LED light
Voltage: 24V DC
Color Temperature: 6,500K (+ -500 K)
MTBF (estimated lifetime) 20,000 hours

Wattage: 96W
Input: 100-240V 50/60 Hz
Output: 24V 
UL Listed Class2

Most recent templates provided by Zilla upon order.  

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Zilla FIRE. 8' Backlit Display, Single-sided