Wellness Station

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Give your customers, fans, guests, and employees the tools they need to stay safe and healthy.

Simple freestanding wellness station provides all the PPE gear necessary to keep customers safe.
Ideal for airports, grocery stores, convention centers or anywhere large groups accumulate.

• IR Temperature Reading Sensor

• High Resolution Digital Display (Provide Results, Advertisements, Regulations Etc.)

• Automatic Gel Dispenser (Fits Gallon Jugs)

• Nitrate Glove and Face Mask Box Holder

*Hand Sanitizer and personal protection equipment (PPE) not included.

PRODUCT DESIGN Constructed with 14 gauge metal, power coated white. Integrated infrared temperature sensor to capture temperatures of personnel standing in front of the kiosk. Designed to hold 21”-22” display. Hand sanitizer dispenser with infrared sensor and pump. Cutouts with universal glove & mask box holders.
KIOSKS Are designed for indoor use
HOW THE UNIVERSAL HAND SANITIZER SYSTEM WORKS Hand sanitizer is triggered by an internal integrated senor that dispenses onto hands once movement is detected. Internal pump engineered to dispense liquid gel.
Designed to hold one-gallon jugs of liquid gel. Specific room to hold spare gallon jug for serviceability and maintenance purposes. One-gallon jugs are currently easily sources with a robust supply chain.
Display does not ship integrated. Simply place display in designated slot, connect the Windows media player and flip the hold in place tabs down to securely install the display.
KIOSK INSTALLATION Kiosks are individually boxed. Units come bolted to pallets. Simply unbox the unit and remove from the pallet. Install the unit in desired location, install display, plug in and play.
Install one-gallon jug (User supplied), install glove and mask boxes (User Supplied)
Kiosks have the ability to be bolted to the ground for additional security.

SENSOR PRIMARY FUNCTION Designed to act as an initial screening for employees, customers and visitors. Senor is accurate to +- .5 F° and has a .3 second response time.
DISCLAIMER The Wellness Kiosk is designed to offer an initial temperature assessment based on a skin surface temperature reading. It is not intended for use in the diagnosis of disease or other conditions or in the cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease. The measurement should not be solely or primarily relied upon to diagnose or exclude a diagnosis of COVID-19, or any other disease; Elevated body temperature in the context of use should be confirmed with secondary evaluation methods.



    LG 22SM3B panel includes a three-year warranty.

    WS Series Kiosk includes a One-year Warranty.


    One Unit – 19” x 24” x 81” (114 lbs. with pallet)

    Four Units – 40” x 48” x 8” (456 lbs. with pallet)

    Lead time: 10 business days

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    Wellness Station