TV Monitor Shipping Case - 43" to 60"

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This roto-molded polyethylene shipping case fits most 43" to 60" flat screen televisions / monitors. Accomodates 1 monitor. Check dimensions to ensure fit.

Self-Configurable Length (Left to Right): Adjustable insert allows you to self-configure the ID length of this protective case to the specific monitor size. Just lift plastic insert and slide it into the groove that coincides with the desired length. Allows for 2" incremental adjustments between 35.5" and 55.75".

Self-Configurable Height: Gravity held foam allows you to add dimensional to the stock height by removing layers of foam from lid. Case comes with foam set up in the lid that includes 7 inches of padding made up of two - 2" soft foam blocks and one 3" convoluted soft foam block. Removing layers of these blocks allows for greater height.

Purchase also includes a bag of loose soft foam blocks of varying dimensions to help further ensure tight fit while shipping/moving.

Standard Color: Gray. Other colors available; call Philly Case to order custom colors.


  • Fits most 43"-60" Flat Screen TVs / Monitors
  • Self-Adjustable Case (Length and Height)
  • Roto-Molded With Rugged Polyethylene
  • Stackable
  • Pad-Lockable
  • Water Resistant
  • Lighter and More Durable Than Wood
        •  55.75″ × 4.50″ × 29.00″
        •  64.00″ × 18.50″ × 45.00″
        •  88.00 lbs

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          TV Monitor Shipping Case - 43" to 60"