SwingUp Literature Rack

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A folding literature rack offers an organized way to display brochures, magazines, and more for extra visibility. And since Mark Bric literature racks are constructed of high-quality, scratch-resistant metal instead of plastic, they’re guaranteed to endure for years. Make your display materials easy to access with this timeless design.

Durable Metal Construction

Since it’s made of metal instead of plastic, this literature rack can withstand many years of daily use. Its top-of-the-line quality sets it apart from flimsier options.

Extra Stability

An extra foot support and sturdy design allow this stand to hold heavy catalogues as well as brochures and flyers.

Market-Tested for a Decade

The SwingUp literature rack has been successfully used around the world for more than 10 years thanks to its high quality.

    Colors: Matte black or silver grey

    Width: 10 inches

    Height (unfolded): 61 inches

    Depth (unfolded): 22 inches

    Folded size: 10 x 10 x 14 inches

    Shelves: 5 pcs. (A4/8.5x11 inch size)

    Capacity: Max 5x100 single leaflets to close while loaded

    Most recent templates provided by Zilla upon order.  

    To get the templates in advance, please contact us here.

      SwingUp Literature Rack