Panoramic Design 10ft x 30ft B

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Our Panoramic™ Designs were developed by seasoned exhibit space designers. Save time in the design phase and select an existing Panoramic™ Design as a starting point to create a complete display. Since Panoramic™ only shows graphics, your artwork will carry the look and feel of your clients brand. Panoramic™ can handle even the largest monitors for your customers multimedia presentations. 

  • 358"w x 5"d x 84"h - Backwall w/lightbox, monitor mount kit & internal supports & graphics
  • 35"w x 12"d x 12"h - Serpentine header w/standoffs & graphic
  • 84"w x 12.3"d x 94"h - Reception Center w/graphic
  • 54"w x 11"d x .25"h - Three Acrylic shelves w/mounting brackets
  • 95"w x 22"d x .25"h - Sintra Panel
  • 60.5"w x 27.5"d x 39"h - Storage counter w/door, shelf & graphic

*Counter tops subject to lead time of 4 to 6 days

*Price includes: exhibit hardware, graphics, lights. **Price excludes: TVs/electronics, merchandising accessories, furniture, flooring, labor, duties and taxes. 

Weight (estimation)
Frames, Graphics & Large Panoramic Crate: 867 lbs

Most recent templates provided by Zilla upon order.  

To get the templates in advance, please contact us here.

    Panoramic Design 10ft x 30ft B