Heavy-Duty Bulk Container w/ Lid

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This 45" x 48" x 44" solid floor, extended-height, heavy-duty container is ideal for a variety of applications. Made from high-density polyethylene, the 45" x 48" footprint, 44" height collapsible container can hold up to 1,500 lbs per load. Its extended height allows for easy handling, storing, and transporting tall and hard-to-fit components, within a 45" x 48" footprint. The container's two drop doors, equipped with articulating hinges, allow for easy access to contents. This container is stackable, both upright and collapsed. 100% recyclable.  Lid Included.

  • Solid Floor

    A solid floor bottom ensures small parts will not be lost and provides a smooth and even load surface.

  • Spring Loaded Latches

    Ergonomic spring-loaded latches provide a quick and reliable locking mechanism for both access doors and collapsing sidewalls.

  • Fully Articulating Hinges

    Fully articulating hinges on access doors allow the doors to open fully and lay flat against the container sidewall.

  • Made in the USA

    This bulk container is proudly made in America.


Exterior Height 44
Exterior Width 45
Exterior Length 48
Interior Height 37
Interior Width 41.5
Interior Length 44.5
Collapsed Height


Weight (lbs ) 154


Internal Volume ft^3 39.5
Weight Capacity (lbs ) 1500
Heavy-Duty Bulk Container w/ Lid