Hand Sanitizer Automatic Touchless with Acrylic Stand

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Key Features
Convenient and hygienic just place your hand under the sensor to start the dispenser to effectively avoid cross infection without touching the dispenser. Suitable for public places such as offices, hotels, schools, and other public gathering places.

Large Capacity: The automatic hand sanitizer dispenser has a large capacity of 1000ml and may be refilled various disinfectant liquids and hand sanitizers.

Automatic Sensor Operated: The touchless hand sanitation unit is designed to disperse hand sanitizer or soap, provides an adjustable dosage amount to enable quick and easy hand disinfection, eliminating cross contamination to achieve optimal hygiene. This unit is powered by four C batteries that are NOT INCLUDED.

Desktop Stand: The desktop stand allows the hand sanitizer unit to be mounted to a portable freestanding acrylic stand making it perfect for placing on reception desks, counters, and more.

Hand Sanitizer Automatic Touchless with Acrylic Stand