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The counter Expand PodiumCase Backlit gives your message an extra glow wherever you are - at an exhibition, a shopping mall, or at other events where you meet your clients and prospects. It also works as a focal point - something for the people to put their attention to. To make the counter light up you just put the LED wrap under your graphic and plug it into electricity.

Make your message shine, it's easy

  • Enhances your message and brand
  • Stand out in busy environments
  • Creates a welcoming atmosphere

All you need to know about the counter

  • Lights up with LED lights
  • Comes with a white wrap, a LED wrap and a graphic wrap where you can communicate your message
  • The wraps (graphic, LED and white) are delivered in a black nylon bag
  • The table top is available in different colours: birch, aluminum, oak, black and white
  • Is also a transport bag on wheels
  • Four detachable shelves on the inside are available as an accessory
  • Both stable and durable

    Expand PodiumCase - Open:
    Height: 38 9/16" (98 cm)
    Width: 48 13/16" (124 cm)
    Depth: 23 5/8" (60 cm)

    Expand PodiumCase - Closed:
    Height: 38 9/16" (98 cm)
    Width: 28 3/4" (73 cm)
    Depth: 17 11/16" (45 cm)

    Expand PodiumCase 22 lbs (10 kg)
    4 shelves: 7.5 lbs. (3,4 kg)
    Large table top (open configuration): 10 lbs. (4,5 kg)
    Small table top (closed configuration): 6.2 lbs. (2,8 kg)


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      Expand PodiumCase Backlit