Aviator SURF Tabletop Display

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As pictured, Includes graphic, unit, lights, and shipping case. Table Cover Optional at Additional Cost.

Shipping Weight

Unit only                   14 lbs.
Unit with Graphic      16 lbs.
Shipping Case only  11 lbs. Total ship weight       27 lbs.   Shipping Case Dimension (included)
Portable soft sided case with wheels
Includes reuseable shipping carton
  54.25” w x 12”d x 8”h   Closed   Open   Unit Dimensions   (Open) 69”w 49”h x 18.5”d (foot)

Graphic Finishing

Pillowcasing with zippers.

Double Sided graphics available. Call for a quote.

Most recent templates provided by Zilla upon order.  

To get the templates in advance, please contact us here.

    Aviator SURF Tabletop Display