File Upload

You can upload your artwork before or after you place your order.

Please follow the instructions below and complete the form.

  • Please compress all files (i.e. .ZIP file) to transfer.
  • Maximum file size of 2 GB per upload – If your file(s)
    exceed this limit, please send a data DVD to Zilla.
  • If you’re sending artwork to a specific order, please include
    your order number or invoice number in the comments field.
  • If you have placed an order online, you will receive an email
    containing the password, otherwise contact us for password.
  • Click “Browse” to select your file(s).
  • Click the “Send File” button.
  • Don’t close the browser window until the upload is complete.
  • You’ll receive an automated email confirming completion.
  • Once we receive your files, we’ll review artwork quality.


Make Certain:
  • Your file is submitted using one of the following formats: .AI, .EPS, .JPG* (high-resolution only), .PDF (high-resolution or vectored only), .PSD, or .TIF*
  • All text is outlined or all fonts used are provided.
  • All linked images or files are provided.
  • You are using the most recent template(s) provided by Zilla.
  • File is built at full-scale (150 DPI minimum) or half-scale (300 DPI minimum)
  • Pantone colors are provided for any critical colors.
  • For a deep, rich black, use the following CMYK values: 60% cyan, 60% magenta, 60% yellow, 100% black
  • File quality is checked. Tip: In Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop, zoom in to 100% and look at the image quality. This will give you a good idea of what the final print will look like at full-size.

*Flat files (e.g. .JPG or .TIF) limit our ability to match Pantone colors or do any other color matching.